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Facebook and Online PR for Business (2 days training)

An experienced marketing planner in world’s #1 auto company will train you new skills & framework. He is responsible in improving customer retention & sales for distributors across emerging countries, such as india & indonesia. Previously he was head of marketing analyst section in indonesia before moving to asia pacific region (singapore based). As top 5 rank astra basic management program, he was directly involve in concepting marketing plan, ensure good communication & smooth implementation of programs in dealership. He also a professional speaker that often speaks or gives consultation to some blue-chip companies and top motivator.
This young passionate trainer wants to take your company’s facebook and online marketing to the next level by giving new insights, skills, & real business practices. With over a billion users worldwide, facebook is an important platform for marketers, and managing brand pages can be complex. From technical aspects such as widgets and apps, marketing campaign, reputation management, until crisis management. This training gives an overview of facebook for marketing, and will equip you with the confidence to build your brands community, engineer campaigns and broaden your social media strategy.
Upgrade your social media marketing skills and knowledge with
a.    Social Media Landscape
b.    Facebook Engagement Strategy (+ Case Study)
c.    Content Strategy
d.    Online Crisis Management
e.    Facebook Pages
f.    Facebook Advertising
g.    G. Social Media Marketing
•    Create various contents that engage customer and spread your message virally
•    Apply best practices from local Indonesia and world class companies
•    Use excellent tools and techniques to target right segment, spark conversation, and monitor the result
•    Leverage paid for Facebook ads to support your campaigns
•    Create and execute campaign that will drive engagement
Para karyawan di semua lini bagian media online
•    Presentation
•    Discuss
•    Case Study
•    Evaluation
•    Simulation
•    Movie    

Drs. Ahmad Muntaha Mc atau Drs. Arif Wibawa Mc dan Team
Trainer, Konsultan dan Assessor dalam bidang Media Publish)
Tanggal 15-16 September 2014
Tanggal 20-21 Oktober 2014
Tanggal 17-18 November 2014
Tanggal 15-16 Desember 2014

Hotel berbintang di Yogyakarta (Ibis Style, Horison Ultima Riss, Grand Zurry, dsb) &  kota-kota lain sesuai permintaan peserta (dengan biaya yang berbeda)    

Investasi pelatihan 2 hari ini adalah sebesar 5,5 (lima setengah) juta rupiah untuk setiap peserta. Jika perusahaan  mengutus lebih dari 3 (tiga) peserta, maka setiap peserta hanya membayar 5 (lima) juta rupiah. Pembayaran dilakukan saat training hari pertama atau ditransfer sebelum pelaksanaan training.
•    Module / Handout
•    Sertifikat
•    Training Kit
•    Souvenir
•    1 X Dinner
•    Pick up dari tempat penginapan ke tempat training
•    Pick up dari bandara jika mengirimkan minimal 3 orang

INFORMASI dan Pendaftaran :
Bambang Supriadi 082323265005 - 088806111233
Email : seminarcenterindonesia@gmail.com

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